Current Forms for International Education Programs

The following forms can be downloaded for your convenience. Should you have any questions regarding our programs please call us at the International Education Office +1 (604) 936 5769 or email


Academic High School Calendar 2021/ 22

Application Form 2021/22

Application Form 2022/23

Brochure – English (Flipbook)

Brochure – English

 Brochure – Simplified Chinese

Brochure – Traditional Chinese

Brochure – German

Brochure – Italian

Brochure – Japanese

Brochure – Korean

Brochure – Portuguese

Brochure – Russian

Brochure – Spanish

Brochure – Thai

Brochure – Vietnamese

Course Book 2021/ 22 – Centennial Secondary 

Course Book 2021/ 22 – Dr. Charles Best Secondary 

Course Book 2021/ 22 – Gleneagle Secondary 

Course Book 2021/ 22 – Heritage Woods Secondary 

Course Book 2021/ 22 – Pinetree Secondary

Course Book 2021/ 22 – Port Moody Secondary 

Course Book 2021/ 22 – Riverside Secondary 

Course Book 2021/ 22 – Terry Fox Secondary

Credit Card Payment

Custodian Providers

Custodianship Declaration

Grade Placement by Year of Birth

High School Sports & Clubs

Homestay Providers

Map of Elementary Schools & Community Recreation

Map of Middle Schools & Community Recreation

Map of Secondary Schools & Community Recreation 

Orientation & ELL Testing Spring 2022

Program Fee 2021/22

Program Fee 2022/23

Protocols for pre-departure, travel & arrival into Canada

Refund Policy

Scholarship Application Form (Logo Contest)

Scholarship Application Form (Essay Writing Contest)

Specialty Courses & Programs (Secondary) – English

Specialty Courses & Programs (Secondary) – Korean

Specialty Courses & Programs (Secondary) – Simplified Chinese

Specialty Courses & Programs (Secondary) – Traditional Chinese

Student Handbook 2021/22

Summer High School Credit Courses Application Form

Teacher Training Program 


Students enrolled at elementary schools must reside with parent(s). Students in Middle School and Secondary School and under the age of 19 years must have completed two additional documents before a...

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MSP - Care Card All international students are required to have medical coverage as a condition of their acceptance in the International Education Program. All international students must report...

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Refund Policy

 REFUND POLICY FOR PROGRAM FEES:  All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the International Education Department, School District 43 (Coquitlam). Refund requests must include...

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Homestay Homestay in Coquitlam School District is more than just food and lodging – it is a chance to take part in all aspects of family life. We believe that our students will feel that they...

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Study Permit

More than 130,000 students come to Canada to study every year. Foreign students bring a rich culture to our classrooms as well as knowledge and skills that are welcome in our schools. The...

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Program Fee

To confirm your place in the school, pay the fees according to your Letter of Offer. Fees can be paid by bank-transfer, money-order, certified cheque, VISA or Mastercard. Program Fee Information...

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Acceptance in the International Education Program and subsequent placement in a school will be determined by the applicant's educational and behavioural background and present academic...

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